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The association ACWRoD


Reenactment of the American Civil War began in Denmark in 1992
                                16th Tennessee Volunteers Infantry Regiment, Co. G (CSA)

At the time there were only South re-enactors. In 2002 the first North re-enactors appeared and since then it has increased greatly on both sides. The number of participants has soared and we are currently approx. 80 people who share a passion for the brand history.

In November 2004 the association "American Civil War Re-enactors of Denmark", colloquially ACWRoD, was created.NOTE! It is very important to make clear that the people who participate under the southern tabs are in no way racist or supporter of slavery!
If you have any questions about this site or to the hobby, please contact our webmaster and he will arrange to send you to the right person.

               The following units are currently existing; 
             Carne’s Batt. (art)
      16 Tenn. (inf)
       7 Tenn. (cav)
                   26th North Carolina(inf)
                  CSA FIELD KITCHEN
                    Medical  (both sides)
                   15th Wisconsin (inf) 
                              1ST US Sharpshooters (inf)
           4 US Batt (art)
                 Blazer Scout (cav)
     Civil corps
If you would like to start up another unit, this is also a possibility and we would like to help. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.
Throughout the year we have several events and most of them has become yearly.  Here are some of the yearly events; 
 Christmas lunch (Julefrokost)
 March 30 km / 18.64 miles
 Rønnede – Tactical weekend event (the placeis called Rønnede)
 Lejre – Tactical 4 days event (Lejre, name of the place)
 The Thanksgiving Ball